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SeaDek Installations

We custom template each job and have the template sent to our Michigan-based fabrication facility where it is digitized and verified. Once verified, your design is CNC routed, packaged for shipping and installed. Your installation comes with the renowned warranty that boaters have come to know from SeaDek. “YOU’RE GONNA LOVE IT!”

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We offer one step, two step and three step wheel outs. The condition of your boat will determine the process best for you.

Bottom Systems

We offer scuff and paint, complete bottom stripping, and epoxy services for the protection of your boat.

Shrink Wrapping

For transportation...

Are you traveling with your boat? Have you purchased a new boat that needs to be shipped? We can shrink wrap it for you with travel in mind. For this process we do not use wood supports, as they can cause extensive damage during travel. As an alternative we fit your vessel with moving blankets, foam to pad sharp objects and use transport wrap to protect all hulls to prevent scratching.

Shrink Wrapping

For Storage...

We cover over 300 boats for seasonal storage every year in the metro-Detroit tri-county area. For this process we use wooden uprights spaced out on the deck to prevent snow build-up throughout the winter.

Shrink Wrapping

For Machinery

All machinery is shrink wrapped based on square footage. For most applications we use an oil-based lubricating solution to help prevent rust while the equipment is stored.

Fiberglass Repair

We offer repair for scrapes, gouges, -jobbie nooner gone wrong- and more severe damage. Call us for a quote.

SeaDek Options

Popular Color Options

Seadek colors are available in brushed and embossed textures

aqua camo

cool gray



caribbean blue

island green

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Thickness Options

SeaDek is available in a variety of thicknesses, in various color combinations

5mm (One Color)

6mm (Two Color)

9mm (Three Color)

More thickness options from SeaDek include:
3mm (.12 in)
8mm (.31 in)
10mm (.39 in)
13mm (.51in)
20mm (.79 in)
23mm (.91 in)

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routing options

Seadek offers multiple stylish routing options to give your boat a custom look


2 inch teak

4 inch teak



fish scale

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triple lamination

Triple Lamination is the ideal option for those looking to customize their SeaDek. This custom feature is created by laminating three 3mm SeaDek sheets together to create one 9mm pad. Triple Lamination can be created with any three colors from SeaDek's extensive color library, in any combination that you choose. This option also lends itself to added comfort due to its increased thickness.

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designer laser patterning

Designer Laser Patterning is a custom option that allows for nearly infinite detail, producing a subtle yet distinctive appearance as the computer-controlled laser burns your desired pattern into your SeaDek. This option can be used in conjunction with routing to create a truly one-of-a-kind look.


diamond plate 2

bubble 2


weave 2

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Captain's series fish graphics

Put the finishing touch on your custom SeaDek kit with one of their Captain's Series fish graphics! Based on the original artwork of Captain Stephen Ferrell and Geoff Chinn, these lifelike graphics feature innovative cutting techniques to bring out new detail in your favorite gamefish. With an Inshore, Offshore, and Pacific Northwest selection to choose from, there's no better way to put your prey on Dek!


yellowtail kingfish

dungeoness crab

mako shark

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Static Laser Logos

Static Laser Logos are the perfect option for incorporating crisp logos and graphics into your SeaDek. This premium custom feature is virtually limitless when it comes to fine details and provides a sleek, modern finish.

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